April is for Writers

In honor of National Poetry Month

I wanted to post a new poem.  I will not be posting any other poems for awhile because I have a book coming soon.  More details about my upcoming book will be in a post planned for late May – stay tuned. My creative writing/poems will be featured in that book. The poem below will not be in the book…just wanted to write something special just for National Poetry Month.

Someone New

Pour over me your water

Let me submerge myself in Spring

Come alive again in the Son

Patience took time on me during  the Fall

Days were filled with no light and no wisdom

My voice had no hope

Until I set myself on a hill

Asked for drink because I was thirsty

So you…poured over me your water

#World Book Day – April 23, 2017

April is such a great month for writers.  I wanted to include my favorite childhood books that everyone should read for themselves and with their children when they get the opportunity.  I encourage parents to teach their children the love of books.

Sometimes kids think reading is boring because they don’t realize how many interesting subjects are out there.  If you know your kid loves baseball – direct them to the books about baseball and the most famous baseball players of all time.  If they love dance – direct them to books about dance and choreography.  It is also important that children have books that represent characters that resemble them physically.  I tell people all the time about how wonderful it was for me at 13 to discover my first book with black girls in them.  It was magical.  The book I am referring to was called, “The Friends” by Rosa Guy.

Ava DuVernay is directing a new film based on the book, “A Wrinkle in Time”.  I am so excited about it.  I will likely be the first in line for a ticket.  I believe the film is coming out early next year.  I was hoping for a late 2017 release but I think it won’t happen. *Sad face*.


*I classify “childhood” as under 15.  The books I read starting at 15 were vastly different and dealt with much more adult themes.  Also, by that time in my life I discovered more books by women and minority authors. Finding out there were so many great authors that had brown skin was like opening up a treasure chest of goodies that had been hidden away for years.

My favorite childhood books were:

A Wrinkle in Time

Charlotte’s Web

I Am the Cheese

The Pigman

The Friends








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