Sprinkle Water in Your Yard

We seek greener pastures all the time.  It’s in all of us to keep looking for the next rainbow.   A rainbow appeared on Tuesday afternoon…but now it’s Friday and the pot of gold didn’t appear.  What is up with that?!  

Frustrating is what it is.  The little 5 year-old in you wants what you want right away.   Cynthia over there has some cute new yellow sandals and you should have them too.  Well, sometimes life doesn’t work like that.  We shouldn’t keep looking over the cubicle at Cynthia and her shoes.  A hard lesson to learn is to: sprinkle water in your own yard. 

What is for you in your time will be just for you!

I see this all the time especially in dating.  People cheat or ghost on someone they are dating or in committed relationships with only because they truly believe the grass is greener on the other side.  Perhaps the current girlfriend wasn’t very pretty but she was loyal, friendly, and intelligent.  Some guys leave that current girlfriend for the arm candy. Women do it too.  They walk away from loyal men because they believe they should be with someone who has the six figure income.

I am not sure why we don’t just try to work with what we already have and just elevate that.  Sprinkle some water in the yard you already have instead of jumping over the fence.  Why do we always think we need or want what everyone else has?  Why are we never satisfied?  This is a big problem in American society.  We have been programmed into thinking what we have isn’t enough.  Keep seeking and seeking and seeking…until we find what exactly? What are we supposed to find when the search is over?  How long before you realize that buying that $350 dress still didn’t make you happy.  He still found someone else that he thought was going to be better than you no matter how pretty you felt in your silver gown.

My advice is to just sit back for awhile and realize the pros and cons before you make decisions.  If you think in six months it probably isn’t going to be worth it to leave a good partner for a little Sweet Tart…then you need to go ahead and keep sprinkling water in your own yard.  Work on that relationship. Talk to your partner about your concerns…don’t just throw him or her away over some shallow ideas.

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