Didn’t See The Stars Today

Little Wendy

Didn’t go home today

She sat on a park bench

Feeding the birds


Little Wendy

Only 12 today

Ate her egg salad sandwich

without the edges of the bread


Little Wendy

Decided she was adult enough

To walk away from mom and dad

But still needed her dog Pete


Little Wendy

Isn’t ready to see life

The way Pete does

But Pete plays all day with a Frisbee


Little Wendy

Only 12 roday

Decided she wanted to see the stars

Pete never wanted to leave Earth


Little Wendy

Ran and ran after Pete

Trying to reach the stars

Pete galloped until he found his Frisbee


Lindy Wendy

Cried when she saw Pete in the road

She was upset he didn’t catch his Frisbee

And because he saw the stars before her


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