La La Land

 La La Land…

This movie wasn’t great…just OK.  I like Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling but they didn’t have much chemistry in this film.  I didn’t buy their relationship. Oh well.  No spoilers here.  I did appreciate a few scenes including these.  Yes, I am a hopeless romantic about four times a year.  I am sort of kidding.  I like magic and movies and a little romance.

It’s dancing I love.  I love musicals for the dancing.  My dream as a little girl was to be a professional dancer.  I specifically wanted to be Janet Jackson’s backup dancer.  I learned choreography very easily back then.Dancing is still one of my loves.  I never had any formal training. Music videos taught me certain steps and it continued from there.Music is such a huge part of what keeps me going.

Music takes me to a fantasy world. I exist in La La Land periodically.   Yes, I daydream.  I remember talking to a guy I knew one day.  We were just having a casual conversation before he realized he had other things he needed to do.  Yet, before he walked off he  said something I found very peculiar at the time.  He just said, “well, I am going to go daydream now.”  All I could muster was “OK.”  I laughed to myself about it later.  Who tells someone they are going to go daydream?  I thought it was funny and cute.  I also remember almost asking him, “what are you going to daydream about?”  But I didn’t.  I still wished I had.

The best part of that brief exchange was knowing someone else daydreamed like me.  I just never talk about it out loud.  I enjoy dreaming as long as I don’t stay there too long.  If I stay in it too long then I just get sad because my dreams  always seem greater than my reality.

When you hope he can dance…
You are a Sky Full of Stars…
He only has eyes for you…
When you realize he is pretty f_cking amazing.  But you can’t tell him.  You just play it too cool.  (Full disclosure: I wish I had told him).  

 Lived in La La Land for a little white.  It was nice while it lasted.

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