Roll On 2017



I am afraid of you.  I am exuberant that 2016 is over.  Yet, unsure if you will be the kind of year I need you to be.  I want to be swept up off my feet.  Can you give me that?

I want to spread joy to people.  Is it even possible for me to make people happy?  I seem to cause disdain from time to time.  I really do want to make people smile.

2017 – I promise I will only participate in fun “bad” stuff and not real “bad” bad stuff.  Yes, I am telling the truth!  No, I have never done anything illegal.  I just get bored and get into shenanigans every few weeks.

This year I will take care of my body.  I will drink more water and eat more veggies. I will laugh as much as possible.

I will take trips.  I will surround myself with the best people who will like me for all of me (when I am nuts and not so nuts).

Ok.  Yeah. It’s on. I have goals to accomplish  – 2017 – and I need you on board.  Let’s GO!!!

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