20 Goals for 2017

I have only two more posts for this year – a year filled with the highest of highs along with several low points.  I will have a post for tomorrow and then the last one will be on Saturday.  I have so many thoughts for 2017, but here are some in no particular order:

  • Get Healthy (eat better)
  • Give God praise and give back – discover more ways to pay it forward
  • Increase my savings
  • Publish my original poetry in a chapbook
  • Be in a position where I can do what I enjoy
  • Expand on loving myself
  • Meet new friends
  • Communicate more when I’m not feeling so good about things
  • Find love  –  seeking a guy that is going to be a great friend, teacher, and partner
  • Research more about topics that interest me
  • Continue with the book club – and find more fun books to read
  • Find better ways to deal with stress (I know I’m Christian…but can I practice yoga just for exercise?)
  • Travel to at least 3 different states just for fun
  • Get a passport
  • Everyday find the humor in something
  • Call my friends more to check up on them (not text/no Facebook)
  • Hang out with my friends more
  • Continue to better/update my blog – I want to involve more web design features …still learning
  • Learn a new language (working on Spanish/Portuguese)…what else?
  • Continue to work on some fiction writing

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