What I Love…


I love being surrounded by funny, intelligent, spontaneous, strange, creative, and beautiful creatures.

I love colorful photos of flowers and black and white photos of old trees.

I love debates about the best music, movies, and books.  And I love that I usually know what I am talking about and always right.  I also love that I am not really always right and my friends tell me.  We can share a laugh with a glass of wine.

What I love has nothing to do with being rich.  The only rich I want to be is rich with  an awesome spirit and full of generosity.

What I love at Christmas is the fun music, the wonderfully lit trees, the movies, and seeing people giving to The Salvation Army,  donating to The Angel Tree Program and Toys for Tots.

What I love is seeing love  – when someone hugs someone they haven’t seen in years. When a baby first smiles at its parents.  A puppy playing with another puppy.

The first kiss under a mistletoe…


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