Progress Will Not Be Halted

The results came in for  the U.S. Presidential election.  I was shocked and just wanted to be whisked away by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Not that I am a woman who needs “saving” – I just want him to hug me.  The campaign went on for what felt like a decade and it all to come down to November 8.  What would we find out about ourselves as a country?

We found out there is a lot of work to be done.  I believe people voted against The Establishment more so than voting for Donald Trump himself.  They are tired of both the Democrats and Republicans with all their money who have ignored the wants and needs of the majority of this country for many years.

The majority of this country does not make seven figures.  They want the best futures for their children and college is expensive. Healthcare is expensive.  People are tired of being ignored only to make way for the needs of the 1%.  Can Donald J. Trump do anything about any of this?  The Republicans retain house majority.  How will all of this affect our futures? I wish I could have my answers before the end of this week.  Yet, I know it doesn’t work that way because none of life works that way.

All we can do is keep progressing for ourselves, our families, and our communities.  This is our time!  We can show the world the strength of the U.S.  We persevere.  This is not the end of anything.  This is only the beginning.  It is changing times and some people are afraid of anything that doesn’t remind them of “when America was great” back in 1955.  It wasn’t so great for a lot of people in 1955 and we don’t want to go back there.  We should all be more interested in continuing to move forward.  Don’t look back – we aren’t going there.

Let’s all relax.  Pray. Drink our coffee, wine, or beer.  Collect our thoughts.  There is work to do.  Stay humble.  Bring your smile and start pushing.  Progress will not be halted. Our futures depend on it.


Peace and love.

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