Phases (In Pictures)

Scientia potentia est


Remember when you were growing up with all of your big ideas?  Did you ever get a to a point where you thought  – this is it?!  This is who I will be forever.  I can never be more than what I am now.  I will never be a writer.  There are days I feel like this and I look back over my life to realize I did accomplish many things.


My main priority after college was to find a good job.  A job that payed decent enough to get an apartment, still pay my bills, and have some fun with my friends on the weekends.  I loved my life in my mid 20s.  I went out almost every weekend.  I had great clothes and shoes to rock out.


Then the recession hit in 2008.  My lifestyle changed dramatically and I wasn’t prepared at all.  My company went belly up and I went through my savings so quickly.

Thankfully, I received a nice severance package.  It lasted me a while.  I didn’t even think I would be unemployed long enough to need unemployment – but I did.  I felt like a loser.  My identity was so tied up into my work. Who was I now that I wasn’t an employee and leader?


I fell into a slump after being unemployed for over a year.  I worked temp job after temp job.  It took a few years before I had another permanent full-time job.  In the meantime, I wish I had saved more.  I wished I had done a lot of things. I wish I had been more fiscally responsible prior to losing my job. I paid my bills but I didn’t save for a rainy day.  I didn’t think rainy days were coming my way anytime soon.

I wish I had taken time to do an internship or go back for my master’s degree.  I was still young.  I was under 30 with no husband or children.  It could have been great.  Yet, I didn’t do it.   I got a certificate for medical coding and that is all.

Grief-Condolence - 02

Now I am in my 30s. I rock out in my cool clothes and shoes about twice a month.  Don’t ask me what I look like the rest of the time!  Haha. I am way more frugal.  Yet, have had better jobs with better pay.  Saturday can come without me needing to be at the hottest bar or club.  Sometimes I just enjoy lying on my couch with popcorn and …Image result for funny netflix and chill gif

Netflix.  This is MY definition of Netflix and chill.


I just thought it would be fun to come up with some images that kind of describe how we all go through life in phases.



How many of us have the same job, attitude, responsibilities at 25 or 30 that we had at 18?  Hopefully none of us.  The goal is to learn and continue to learn.

I am still working on my writing life.  It’s all in stages. Stage 1-5 complete.  On to Stage 6…watch out world.  I plan to have a book coming sooner rather than later. Stay tuned.











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