Letting Go

I have a hard time letting go.

I guess I feel like a failure when things don’t happen the way I hope they do.  This has happened in past careers, friendships, and relationships.  I try and try and try way past the expiration date.  How do you finally convince yourself it is over and time to move on.

Sadly, it is usually three months too late before I realize I should have walked away. People give up so easily on things and I guess I try not to do that. Yet, I hurt myself just as well by trying to stick it out two months longer than I should.

We all have an instinct and can tell when something just doesn’t ‘feel’ right.  I don’t know why I don’t talk things out as soon as I feel like something is off.  I wait too late to make changes.  I wait to0 late to talk about issues.  My fear is looking like a failure.  Failure is horrible to me.  I keep telling myself failure is not an option.  Giving up is not an option.

Yet, sometimes ‘walking away’ doesn’t mean failure.  There are some divorced ladies that talk about it.  They convinced themselves they were bad because they walked away from their marriages and felt like failures.  They weren’t failures – it just didn’t work out.

Some jobs don’t work out.  It doesn’t mean you were incompetent or lazy.  It means you know yourself enough to know there are other possibilities out there.  There was no one at fault.

I continue to work on myself. I work on myself daily.  I know I have some things to ‘release’ to feel better.  I am letting go and letting God.  Peace is coming.

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