Who I Am


not beautiful

dark chocolate

a woman with small eyes

full of nonsense

a voracious reader

not sure if today is Tuesday or Friday

hungry…but not too hungry

too tired to roll over to the other side of the bed

very disappointed by the U.S. Presidential election options

excited to do my fake karate moves to impress you

not totally comfortable in just a T-shirt and jeans

scared to like you too much

scared to like you too little

scared I will push you away

sorry I did push you away

sorry I miss you

kind of sorry I didn’t cry when I should have

a figment of my own imagination…


  1. BMcNeal728 · October 18

    This sounds like me, but in female mode. It sounds like the person needs to be released from the binding

  2. dragonflyzia · October 21

    Stop saying you’re not beautiful! Okay, maybe that sounds bossy…but you shouldn’t say it. Your self is aware, try and find one thing you do like and affirm it daily. 😊

    • livesinldreams · October 21

      This is true and I am working on doing that. It is good advice. Thank you for your comment.

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