No – You Can’t Have Access

Short story –

When I was 26 I went to a club with some friends.  I wore a short skirt.  It was uncommon for me to wear miniskirts to a club.  Yet, my skirt was respectful and covered my private parts.  A guy asked me to dance.  I danced with him for a few minutes.  The night was fun. After about ten minutes of silly dancing, this guy became brave.   He put his hand up my skirt to feel on an area that he should not have felt he had access.  This stupid drunk guy grabbed on me and I was humiliated.  I immediately pushed him off of me and walked away.  I told my friends and they were disgusted.  I was so traumatized I didn’t go to a club again for several years.  I also didn’t wear any skirts for about three years after the incident.

*Women  and Men – protect yourselves.  You are not a sexual object and no one should ever make you feel like you are.  We all have to stand together and teach others how we deserve to be treated.

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