Chapbook Journey

The last few months I have debated and debated about whether or not to continue posting poetry on this site.  The original plan for my blog was to discuss my writing journey, but not necessarily post my work.  I did make a decision to eventually post haikus.

I noticed that when I began to post haikus people took notice.  My haikus are what drew a lot of people to my blog. It was exciting but also an issue for me.  I don’t have a copyright on any of my work.  My hope was that people would have some integrity and not try to steal any of my creations and pass them off as their own.

I spoke to my mother about the great response I was getting about my haikus on my page.  She immediately told me to stop posting my original work.  She told me I need to start gathering my poetry for a collection to publish. Plus, she had the same concern as I did about others “stealing” my poetry.

My main issue with posting a lot of poetry on the blog is that people may not take me seriously as a writer.  I don’t expect to get rich or famous with my writing. Yet,  I feel like if I really want to be taken halfway serious, how could I expect people to pay $5 or $10 for my book when they can just get on my blog and see the same thing?

It would be great if other up and coming writers could comment about their publishing journey below.  I would love to read your ideas.  I am currently working on compiling poetry for my chapbook.  It will be all new poetry that has never been posted anywhere else.  I think at this stage in the game my best bet is to try to get a chapbook published and I am getting excited.

In the meantime, I decided I will only post haikus from time to time.  It will not be on a regular basis.  My blog was meant to discuss my life as a novice writer and that will continue.  I hope those who do read my blog will continue because I do have a lot of interesting topics coming up.

Thanks 🙂


  1. Khatara · November 19

    I have the same concerns. Its being a huge worry

    • livesinldreams · November 22

      Thank you for your comment. It is nice to know someone else feels what I feel.

      • Khatara · November 22

        Yeah you’re welcome. The pleasure was all mine

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