Confession:  I haven’t written anything in several weeks.  I am supposed to be working on a story, but I haven’t done anything.  There have been too many distractions lately.  My biggest distraction has involved someone.  I decided to write about this person to get the feelings out but I have to move on.

I realized I still have a passion for writing.  I still want to write some books.  What I need to do is get myself motivated again.  My life has not given me much motivation lately.  Often I wonder what provides people with motivation.

Years ago when I was in college,  I was talking to a male friend of mine who asked me about my writing projects. We were both in the print journalism program.  I recall him talking about his projects.  Within minutes his girlfriend stops by to pick him up.  As he sees her in the car he quickly tells me, “Well, there she is now.  My muse.”  I remember him saying that like it happened yesterday.  I remember thinking it was so beautiful to hear a guy say that.  Also I was jealous.  I wanted someone to think of me as their “muse.”

I still want that.  I want to have someone in my life who helps motivate me and I help motivate them.  Therefore, that is what I am doing.  I am seeking my “muse”.  Someone who has the passion I have for the written word and who is creative.

And so it goes…






  1. BMcNeal728 · June 6, 2016

    I hope you continue your writings in balance with the rest of your things in life

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