The short story of it all…

I am in a difficult phase right now.  I have many short story ideas, but how do I decide what is good enough to include?  Short stories are fun to write but don’t sell well.  It is just not as popular of a “genre” as it was years ago.

I actually have an idea now that I want to see  how it comes together.  This story will not be published because I want to just explore all my possibilities. Writing is about exploration.  If a person cant write about different topics then they can’t grow as a writer.  My strength as a writer has developed alot in the last two years.

My poetry has really expanded. Poetry was always a love of mine but I wasn’t good at it.  I started doing the haikus on the blog to challenge myself. I hope readers go into my archive and check out the poetry in the last few months.

Now my plan is to challenge myself in other areas.  I want to tackle better plots.  I believe I am strong with my dialogue but have a hard time with plot and setting.

The blog will start to focus more on me attempting to write short stories.  I also will discuss more of things going on in my life related to society and culture.

Stay tuned.

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