when does the FUN start

The FUN starts when you:


  • Open yourself up to new challenges
  • Do something without thinking about it ahead of time – take an unplanned trip to a different city for the day
  • Smile and laugh more
  • Tell a silly or dirty joke to a friend that isn’t used to hearing it from you to see the shock on their face (haha)
  • Wear an item of clothing or accessory that you don’t normally wear just for fun (big sunglasses/fun scarf/silly socks/cool bow tie)
  • Call up an old friend that you haven’t talked to just to see how they are doing
  • See a scary movie with a friend who doesn’t mind if you jump at certain scenes
  • Say “yes” with enthusiasm for a whole month every time someone asks you to a party
  • Take a pole dancing class to see how much fun it can be
  • Give a hug to that person who you know needs it but didn’t ask for it
  • Live out a moment from a scene of one of your favorite books
  • Flirt just enough with your “someone” to leave an impression on them for the rest of the day
  • Let your friends take pictures while you dance to the dumbest song ever

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