It’s the Little Things (I love!)


We run so fast through our days.  I can’t believe it is already May.  Where did this year go?  I felt the need to share some of my favorite things that keep me inspired as a writer (or just things I enjoy).  I don’t do these type of posts often enough.   I suppose I don’t reveal much of myself anyway in my posts.  In comings months that will start to change a little.

It’s the little things that brightens our days.  Right? A child’s laughter,  a puppy running in the yard, or just a ray of sunshine in the afternoon. As I enter another year of age I want to remind myself to be grateful.  Stay grateful and appreciative for things money definitely can not buy: time well spent with friends or hugs from a niece or nephew.

One of my favorite books from my childhood.
Ice cream and strawberries.


Dance…I love it. It makes me feel free and it is great exercise.


Yes, I hang out in bookstores.  There is no shame.  I used to hang out in video stores as well.  So sad they are gone.


I hang out in the park when the weather is above 75 degrees.  I love being outside in nature.


Flowers.  I like looking at them.  They make me smile.


Because who doesn’t like free stuff?  Seriously.  I especially love free concerts.  I will be going to see a free Third Eye Blind concert on Friday.  Color me excited.



My favorite movie based on a board game – CLUE.


My favorite childhood video game that I still play.  Yes, I do. Love it!!!



Sorry, but I do love my iPod.  I don’t have an iPhone and not interested in having one anytime soon.  I am totally good with my iPod.  I get to play my “Memory” games, read books, and listen to my music and podcasts.  That is all I need.

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