Writing – because I’m 21 again!

The fun part of being a writer is to create your own world.  I always found it interesting that in my case people can’t seem to differentiate between when I’m writing about myself and when I’m just doing my “creative pieces”.  The truth is that 80% of my poetry and fiction has nothing to do with anything I’m going through in my own life.  It doesn’t bother me at all if people do think I’m writing about myself.  I like the mystique of it all…please continue to think what you wish.

Many musical artists go through this as well.  Everyone assumes every song a person sings is about something that really happened to them.  I love being a writer for this purpose.  I think writers can be similar to actors/actresses – we transform ourselves into different characters.  I go back and forth between male and female characters or a 21 year-old up to 50.

In 2016 I will be working on several writing projects: maintain this blog, “inspiration/life” book, book of fiction, and poetry chapbook.  I hope to have my book of fiction and poetry chapbook published this year.  I would be so happy when I have enough poetry for a chapbook.

I also want to make it known that this blog is and was always intended to be about my writing journey.  This will not change.  Yet, I will not include anymore short fiction on this site. I still have a few pieces up that anyone can read under the Category: Creative Writing. All my fiction will be kept for the books.  I will also include less and less poetry as well.  This blog will be more about “my process”.  I will continue to write a haiku from time to time.

My hope is that I can still have people follow me despite having less and less featured writing on the blog.  Please still read and follow the blog because I will write more pieces about culture and my life (as long as it pertains to my writing).

Stay tuned.



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