Funny Sayings Writers Understand Part II

I posted some funny sayings/quotes a while back that I think those who write may enjoy.  I thought I would revisit this because I like doing these kind of posts.  Plus, honestly I’m in need of  a good laugh myself.  It is always good to share the funny…right?

Yes, I do tend to write crazy messages and don’t know what I’ve done until the next day.  Now I know what I’m doing wrong.  I got the first part down.  The second part I have to do. Haha… (joking)

Excuse the profanity…but this is so true! Everything doesn’t always have to have some deeper meaning to it.  This goes for a lot of things in life.

I found this one not necessarily funny just interesting.

Hmm…OK. I don’t want to do this too often.

I thought this was funny because of how people do get confused and interpret things differently sometimes.


This happens to me a lot.  I enjoy these moments.  It’s fun as a writer.


This is too cute.

Aww…I hate this for Snoopy.

This explains everything about my personality. Good to know. Haha.


This is a great quote by the author of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.

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