Frustrated & Hungry

I do my best writing when I’m frustrated or hungry.   The thoughts pile up when I get overwhelmed with life situations.  Hunger is a strange feeling for me.  I am not a big eater but obsess about food.  I know most people may not realize “hungry” has another meaning as well.  The  word pertains to people who are ambitious.  Hungry is an accurate term for how obsessed I am with both food and my appetite for success.

Success does not have anything to do with possessions or money for me.  I rate my success based on how I feel about myself.  When I don’t accomplish much at work then my day will not go well.  Yet, if one person compliments me after I went out of my way to complete a task – that is success to me.  It doesn’t matter if only two people recognized what I did.

Many times I have been so frustrated which caused my hunger (need for getting things accomplished).  It’s the feeling you get when you ask a friend to help with an errand and they bail on you.  The frustration leads to hunger (the need to take care of this yourself) and putting in 100%.  Boom!

What frustrates me  the most as a writer are people who assume that since I am a woman I only write about love.  Love is actually my least favorite subject to write about for numerous reasons. There are so many other topics that I don’t think get covered enough when concerning female characters.  Women are complex in ways people don’t discuss.

The other side of this is that as a single person it has been difficult to take care of everything.  Strangely, it didn’t occur to me until recently how much I miss having a partner to lean on.  I’m a little envious of people in solid relationships or marriages that have a partner to get advice from, run errands for them, or just be there.  I miss being there for another person as well. I’m a giver and feel lost when I don’t have anyone to give anything to or help out.

Everything is one day at a time.  I am always a work in progress.  I’m working on my mental, physical, and spiritual health everyday.  My focus is bettering my career (professionally and my writing endeavors).  I’m staying ‘frustrated’ and ‘hungry’.  The plan is to keep the momentum going well into 2016.

Stay tuned.




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