Gratitude : Truth

There were attacks in Paris and Beirut this past week.  It is upsetting news for the world.  Those of us living in America will celebrate Thanksgiving next Thursday.  The attacks made me once again think more about the world I live and what I can do to help others.  It also reminded me of why I need to continue to be grateful.  I send prayers and well wishes to all that were effected by the tragedies.  Sadly, this is not the end.  There are people that are afraid of changing times and will not stop until everyone is on their side.  We all have to be vigilant.  Peace.


Grateful I live in a country with free speech.  Mindful that I am fortunate to have access to good healthcare.  Blessed to still have both my parents.  Lucky to have some cool, thoughtful, and intelligent friends.

My eyes to see.  My eyes help me get from A to B but also to see what is going on around me so I can make a difference.  I am glad to see when someone is hurting so I can offer them a hug or shoulder to cry.  My tongue gets me in a lot of trouble because of silly jokes or sarcastic remarks.  It also helps me speak out on injustices.  How many people are really willing to get out in the trenches and fight for what they believe in?  The older I get the less I am inclined to sit on the sidelines.



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