Writing Game Plan – Part II

There are several fictional story ideas that have been circulating the last several weeks.  Below I have a list of my writing game plan I want to share:

  • I have been writing a lot of haikus lately.   I want to get back into poetry writing and set the best aside for a future collection.  I  do plan to publish a book with a collection of my poetry sometime in the next two years.  I don’t have enough for a collection just yet.
  • I know short stories don’t sell.  I do enjoy reading them and wished I was better at writing them.  Flash fiction is starting to become really popular now. I know this is a great test for writers.  Flash fiction can be so difficult because you have so few words to tell a story.  The challenge is great for writers.  How do you tell a complete and entertaining story in less than 1,000 words?  It’s fun to figure this out.  I have entered pieces into flash fiction writing contests and never do well.  My problem is creating atmosphere.  Setting has always been an issue for my fiction writing.  I write great dialogue and that’s about it.  Another contest is coming up in December and I will enter and see how I do.  I will be working on this piece for the rest of the November – making sure it is just right.

There you have it, folks.  Those are some things I am working on – the writing game plan for the rest of this year going into 2016.  I will follow up periodically with my progress.

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