My Stories To Tell . . .

I’ve been writing stories since I was eight.  I wrote about finding new roller skates and getting a new cat.  They were fun and silly.  When I got past elementary school my stories turned darker.  I didn’t process the “why” until many years later.  It dawned on me about a year ago that I really do have stories to tell that could help others.  We all have had some dark times in our lives and now wonder how we got out of those situations.

“What are we made of that keeps us going?”

Everyone does not have a belief in God. I understand that.  I do believe in God and I do believe he is the reason I am still alive.  My faith has carried me through some beautiful and painful times.  When I started to reflect on my life around this time last year, it made me realize I do have a book inside of me. I discovered an issue in the process of trying to write a book.  How do I tell the stories I want to tell about myself without it feeling like an autobiography or memoir?  I would never want to write one of those.  I just wanted to give some inspirational advice based on my own life experiences.

I am at a place where I know what I want to do with my book.  I won’t reveal too much at this point.  I will say that there will be a mix of poetry, creative writing and some life stories.  Every chapter will have a different theme. The plan is to have this book published sometime next year.

I will continue to write on my blog and keep you all updated on my writing process – if you are interested. 

The book is coming together but I still come across the same question, “what do I hope to have accomplished in this life?”  I don’t have a definitive answer.  Do you?

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