The Joy of Funny!

My stress reliever is laughter.  It keeps my spirit alive.  Where would we all be without something to laugh out loud over?  When I meet the guy that can make me laugh in the most terrifying of situations than I know I will have my husband!

I thought I would share some things I think are funny.  Humor helps us all get through challenging times.  I have had some difficulties lately but seeing humorous images have helped me through so much.  Life can be complicated so I like being around funny people.  I like doing silly things myself though people end of not getting my humor at all.  I think they just think I am delusional because I haven’t slept in days. Anyway… I know I have a dry sense of humor.

Happy Tuesday!

Hilarious Pictures of the week, 101 pics. For The Love Of God, Turn The Page.:

So cute!

I’ll Take 6 Of These, Please // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - #lol #humor #funnypictures:


25 Best Quotes with Images:

I felt this way about someone a few months ago. I didn’t want him to get hurt or anything. Never that!

car accessories mugs amp cups other minions peripherals phone case ...:

I admit to nothing!

Hate Running but Do It Anyway? Then You'll Love These Quotes:

This is a sad time…and it happens. (sad face)

Humour quotes, funny jokes, jokes funny, hilarious funny …For the best humour and hilarious jokes visit

Yes…yes..the love of siblings.

20 Funny Quotes and Funniest Pics | Quotes and Humor:

I absolutely hate spiders. I’m surprised I didn’t ever burn something down in the process over the years.

HAHAHA! Toby and Michael!!:

Hilarious. I love the epic verbal battles between Michael and Toby. – The Office (American show)

Ahhh. Steve Carell. You are my secret not so secret celebrity crush.:

True story! This is me.

Texas Non Profits - There's no need to curb your enthusiasm:

Calvin from the comic strip, Calvin and Hobbes. Plus, he is right on the money!

Making evil plans | Curb Your Enthusiasm:

Jeff was my 2nd favorite character on Curb Your Enthusiasm. Curb Your Enthusiasm is in my Top 5 favorite comedy shows.

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Larry David (the character) is such a sourpuss. I am not like him, but I do find his ramblings hilarious.

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