My Writing Journey

This blog was started as a test.  I was curious to see if anyone would actually read it.  I didn’t tell anyone about it and I didn’t try to promote it via my Facebook or Twitter.  I just waited around to see who would notice its existence.  The first couple of months were exciting.  A smile would spread across my face when I just saw one “Like” or comment on a post.

Everyone thinks they can write.  It’s true.  The profession of a writer doesn’t really get taken seriously unless you have the success of a Stephen King.   Writing is something I love but it doesn’t mean I think I will probably ever earn anything doing it.  Yet, I’m not ready to resign myself to the possibility I will never have a professional writing career.  I don’t expect it to be a main job to pay all my bills.  I just thought I could publish here and there.

The extra money would be great and I could get a little notoriety in my city.  There is no expectation or need to become famous and known on a national level.  I am not interested in everyone knowing my name.  All I want is my family and friends to finally see me doing something I dreamed of years ago which is to publish a book.

The book writing process has been tedious.  I have so many ideas.  I have never been very good at narrowing my ideas down.  Yet, the style of my book has changed.  The book will have more of an inspirational theme with side stories and poems.  I really hope for the best in this writing journey.

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