Creative Writing

Missing Someone

Your fingers wrap around my neck too easy.  I wish you didn’t make me choke.  No, I don’t know what you are thinking.  The way you speak coldly tells me I’m leaving your consciousness.

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See, I needed one more conversation to explain.  I miss you.  I want to grab you and hug you.  It would be great to hear you say it will be different next time.  I want to latch onto you before the wind blows you away.  Since it’s Fall I thought we could run in the park and tell each other silly stories. The laughing is gone.  The smiles are missing.  Why do I want to fight you?  I do.  I want to drag you someone and hide you for a few days.  Just me and you somewhere with just a little light.  I would show you all my wounds.  Instead…when you look at me I know you are thinking of grabbing me by the wrists and leading me into oncoming traffic.  I really am fighting you now.  I’m pushing and pulling, screaming expletives, and begging for mercy.  I hate and miss you at the same time. No, I hate that I miss you.  I wish I didn’t care anymore.

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