Gratitude is a Beautiful Feeling

Beauty is in so many places.  I am amazed by the people I meet and the heroic stories they tell.  Grateful.  It is beautiful to be surrounded by people who have golden hearts.  Blessed.  I am here to not only be blessed but to be a blessing to others.  There is a story of a girl I once knew who was painfully shy and insecure about everything.  Fear.  This girl was fearful of the world and her own shadow.  Love.  Only love gets a girl past all of the fears and insecurities.  Love didn’t come from a man.  Endurance.  Endurance and strength gets a person through the ropes and trials.  Life is a marathon so bring all of your supplies.  These supplies are what gets a girl to understand how to love herself.  Thankful.  Thankful to those who cared enough to stick around and watch her fly.  Wings.  Sometimes there is turbulence.  Doesn’t mean you will fall . . .just another slope.  It’s a test.  Relief.  You are more than worthy to pass the exam as long as you keep trudging forward.


  1. smilebac · September 15, 2015

    A smile from me to you. : ) My mission is making you smile and my blog is a very happy place. Nice post!

    • livesinldreams · September 15, 2015

      Thank you! I will definitely have to check your blog.

  2. dragonflyzia · September 16, 2015

    Beautiful and well said!

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