Kim Davis Teaches Us about Freedom

Freedom comes with a price, right?  Kim Davis knew that while she sat in a jail cell. Her story begs the question: how much do you think you sacrificed for the freedoms you enjoy in the United States?  We all benefit from something that someone of the past (or maybe the present) did to make our lives a little better.  I can’t wait to see where our world will be in twenty years.  I really hope I am still around to see it all.   We have been looking through a microscope at Davis’ actions lately.  This woman is taking a stand for her freedom.  She believes in Christianity and everything associated with those beliefs including not providing marriage licenses to gay couples.   However, there is the whole problem of her being an elected official.

Davis has been a source of contention for the last several weeks.  I am from Louisville in Kentucky and this has been big news for the state. Louisville is the largest city in Kentucky and arguably the most liberal. Davis is not seen as much of a heroine in this city compared to other areas.  Louisville is very religious but usually votes Democrat in presidential and mid-term elections.  We are an odd mix around here.  Many people here do not understand how Kim Davis doesn’t understand where she went wrong.

She needs to understand that no law is keeping her from her religious freedom.  The United States was specifically created with religious freedom in mind.  No one is telling her she can’t practice Christianity.  What she isn’t allowed to do is break the law.   The law now states that gays can marry.  The position of county clerk is an elected position.  Therefore, when she doesn’t do her job and doesn’t resign – she either gets impeached or goes to jail.

This whole story is not even about freedom of religion anymore.  The issue with Kim Davis and her not wanting to provide marriage licenses to gay couples is all about politics.  Open your eyes. If people like Kim Davis continue to go around and decide what they will do or not do based on their religious right we will eventually have anarchy.  If she doesn’t want to follow the laws she could get another job.

I’m a Christian and I stand behind the law.  It isn’t a good idea for someone like Davis to have this kind of position and decide who gets a marriage license based on her Christian judgement.  If Davis were to be consistent she wouldn’t be giving marriage licenses to those who were divorced, had abortions, had pre-marital sex, etc.  Does that sound ridiculous to you?  It should and no should be making that type of judgement call concerning people’s personal lives when all they need to do is focus on their job.


  1. Niva Dorell · September 8, 2015

    100% agree. Thank you for this post!

  2. EV · September 10, 2015

    Well put. Thank you.

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