Exhale at the storm

Shout for calm under pressure

Rainbows are coming !

Remember the Magic 8 ball from your childhood?  I loved those because they seemed accurate. I could ask my trusty Magic 8 ball any random question concerning a crush or event and I knew it would tell me the truth.  It was mostly correct in that I didn’t get the dates that I wanted and was never going to be popular. Life is interesting in how you can never really be prepared for what comes next.

Prayer keeps me grounded.  Yes, I am a Christian and do believe in the power of prayer.  Though I pray, I don’t stop there.  I don’t believe that prayer alone is enough. Action is necessary to get the ball rolling.  We all feel a lot of pressure sometimes from family members or friends. We all want things to go our way.  Well, sometimes things that we hope to happen for us don’t happen because they weren’t meant to happen.  Perhaps you didn’t get the promotion because you weren’t meant to stay at that company.  Instead you are supposed to go out there be an entrepreneur.

The older I get the more I became a glass is half full kind of person.  It’s a good change for me.  I’m trying to spread that around to other people as well. I hope we can all be encouraged and keep others encouraged.  Never give up!

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  1. dragonflyzia · September 4, 2015

    Go you!

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