Dark Skin – American Threat

Blacks are violent, demented,  lazy, antisocial, and oversexualized drug addicts.  Is that the perception?  How much perception does it take to equal reality?  We are all afraid of something.  How did those with English, Irish and Italian ancestry become more American over the years than the ones from Mexico or the continent of Africa?  There is always talk of “the way things used to be”.   Some people want to “take our country back” before President Obama.  Is this all code for “before the dark skin people took over/tried to change things?”  Everything was better when those with dark skin knew their place, right? Who are the true Americans anyway?   As far as I know all of our ancestors came from somewhere else at some point. We should all be united not divided by this fact.  We are all Americans.  No hyphens.  Hyphenated racial identities create division and a sense of inferiority. Sorry Sandra Bland was seen as a threat.  Sorry Samuel DuBose was a threat.  Well, dark skin is scary.

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