I’m not Blind to Big Brother!

I know Big Brother is probably watching my every keystroke.  Be careful – don’t type that word because you don’t know what may happen next.  I have a distrust for a lot of people with too much wealth and power.  It’s not jealousy.  This is about how some of these millionaires treat us little people.  They think they can throw a couple twenty dollars bills in our face and all is forgotten.  Many politicians and pastors have their hands in the money bag.  Big Brother wants us to all be blind sheep.

I don’t try to get too caught up in conspiracy theories but I do find them interesting.  Americans are way too caught up in entertainment news.  There was way too much coverage on Caitlyn Jenner – formerly Bruce Jenner.  Rachel Dolezal self-identifying as African-American was another distraction.  Big Brother/the media is keeping up distracted from the bigger issues.

Please don’t pay attention to how the richer get richer and the poor stay poor.  Why is the middle class in America shrinking?  Why do we keep telling everyone to get a degree so they can live in debt and not be able to afford a home? I think college is wonderful but not for everyone.  I think we focus may too much on having credit in this country.  If you don’t have good credit just forget about ever living a comfortable life.  Big Brother is all over the place – telling us to buy this, buy that, eat this, eat that  . . . it’s all good for you.

What would happen if the powers that be really understood some of us can’t be controlled.  We aren’t little blind sheep and we have questions that require answers.  How did the drug war come to be? What is really going on with our prison system and why are so many people incarcerated? Did the deregulation of banks cause the financial crisis?  Hmm…

I’m a Christian yet I trust so few pastors that are in the limelight.  Many of them are filling their pockets and siding with certain politicians.  Some pastors are being bought and no one wants to talk about it.  Where is this money going because I don’t see any changes being made to their churches or the neighborhoods?  Everyone is scratching everyone’s back and this has been going on way too long. 

This is why young people are apathetic.  It is getting similar to how the youth felt in the 1960s and early 1970s.  The young people protested Vietnam and were supporters of the civil rights movement because they didn’t stay blind.

Forget about Big Brother watching me – I’m watching Big Brother.  I’m wide awake.

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