Take Pause

Chilled down to the bone

My reflection in background

White noise  . . .static . . .gone

This is my end.  It is the end of my need to understand a situation that has no conclusion.  I know now control is an illusion.  I tried to give someone a microscope to see inside me.  Everything backfired in my face.  I learned my lesson the hard way.


Breathe life into memories

No end is civil

It passes time in my head.   There are memories that are pleasant and others that I can wish away for good.  Sometimes the end really is just the end.

Take cover my heart

Fear I may melt into you

Valued shelter gone

This is what sad is – running off to protect myself from someone I thought cared about me.  I have no shelter.  I’m lost and still running.  I will find my place at some point.

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