Creative Writing

Friendship: Rayna and Lucas

Rayna never learned to swim.  She tried several times over the years.  She would go to various classes but nothing stopped the fear.

She wanted to be a good friend and save Lucas.  He got too far out into the Atlantic Ocean and she freaked out.  He was high on life.  She was drunk with worry.

Lucas carried a bruised heart.  Rayna didn’t have a Band-Aid.  His mother had died 8 years before when he was only 15.  He didn’t cry but smoked his weed immediately after the funeral.

Rayna would pull him out of drunken fights in bars and they would laugh later.  Now Lucas was drowning and she couldn’t swim. He was supposed to teach her. He said he would two years ago . . . last year.

Rayna curses at him.  Pray.  She would make him pray with her Psalm 23:4.  She whispers it like a lullaby and he screams it.

Why do you always go out too far?

Now he was telling her . . . “at least I lived. I don’t have handcuffs”.  He was pushing away further and further.  The Atlantic Ocean took away his mother too.  He wanted to go back to her.  Rayna was trying to convince Lucas she needed him more.

“Lucas, you were supposed to teach me to swim.  I can’t save you!” she screams. Lucas looks at her in amazement.

“Rayna . . . I taught you three months ago. Why don’t you remember?”

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