Single Lady Stand Up

Yes, I’m a single lady.  No, I don’t sit in a chair watching the flowers bloom.  I do have a life.  I’m no damsel in distress and I’m not desperate for anyone.  It is sad to me that more women don’t value themselves enough to wait on the right person.  I want a man of God, a classic man, someone intelligent, humorous, loyal, spontaneous, ambitious, honest, patient, and kind.  Not a long list.  Yet, I’m not selling myself short because I know my worth.

Between September 2014 and January  of this year I met went on a couple dates with two different men and got good vibes in the beginning.  It was short-lived.  Once we went on our dates, the men did not act very “gentlemanly”.  The conversations on date #1 in one case, and then date #2 in the other situation . . . well  . . . I will let you ponder on the direction of everything.  I’m no prude, but there are conversations I don’t have on date #1 or #2.  I also don’t like the silly date #3 rule.  If you don’t know the rule of date #3 – Google it right away.  I would discuss it, but not for this post.

Sadly, I know too many women that would have continued to date these kind of men. Many ladies let someone else determine their worth and it hurts me.  Some of my friends are desperate because they are more afraid of being alone.  Please do not let that fear keep you in a bad relationship.  It is never worth it.

The most important lesson to learn is to BE the person you WANT in a relationship.  Many people miss out on that part.  You can’t be a woman with no ambition or career goals but expect a man with a nice job to want to be with you.  Step your game up!   A supportive person wants to be in a relationship with another supportive person.  Makes sense, right?  It really is more simple than people make it.  It is not complicated.  When you find the right person the initial stages should not be complicated.

The person that is meant for me will reveal himself in due time.  I think things have to happen organically.  I don’t believe in forcing anything.  If someone likes you, they will let you know.  I am a paradox of sorts. I’m very liberal in so many ways.  Yet, old-fashioned in that I believe a guy will let you know if you mean something to him.  He will show you. So don’t throw yourself at him.  When he makes it known his interest is genuinethen the ball is in your court ladies!

I didn’t write this to talk about myself.  It is more about letting other young women understand that there are many of us out there still waiting on the right person.  It is not the end of the world to be single.  This is not a race . . . have fun while you are single.  Please be patient and wait for the person that God planned for you.

In the meantime, I found these photos funny and very true in my life.  I had to add my captions as well.

Yes to all of this.
#Classic Man #Gentleman Only
I have had the same expression before....I'll leave it at that...
Denise Huxtable knows what’s up! (The Cosby Show). I have had the same expression before….I’ll leave it at that…

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