Stream of consciousness Rap

Art meets life.  Life meets art.  Sometimes there is a blender and life/art turns into a nice cocktail.  Let me drink it all.   I am a well-rounded person with sharp edges and an intricate personality.  Don’t let my sarcasm scare you.  Don’t let the 5’1″ frame fool you.  There are times we are asked to be cunning or brave. I didn’t get to hand-pick my traits.  It comes along with me on my journey as I age.

Beauty is misunderstood.  Character is misunderstood.  Many aspects of life get the once over and never bothered with again.  Why do we sit things on the shelf?    Do we need additional time to admire it or are we unclear on the purpose it has for our life?

I’m no enigma but also not transparent.  Is that scary? I can recall multiple times I tripped and fell on my face.  I laughed.  I didn’t cry…is that the difference?  No one should take themselves so seriously.  There is so much to enjoy in the world.  I don’t let my insecurities and failures define me.  It must be noted that I have had many failures but kept moving.  I’m still pushing along.

Guess what I learned?  The grass is not always greener on the other side. It’s OK to jump – but do ask yourself how far the fall is and are you ready to make that commitment.  I do all these things on a daily basis:  dance on tables and fly.  I get joked on for appearing to be the brown version of the manic pixie girl they love to show in movies.  I’m not that.  Yes, I get the joke/trope and I’m laughing.  It’s all in fun!

Fun is what you make it – experience it continuously until you burst and confetti comes out.  This is how I live my life and my choices are my own.  I try to follow the plan God laid out for me – I don’t go by any other rules.

If that is confusing – well…it is what it is! (Smile)


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