Disappearing in the Shade

Status report says I’m being erased

The sun doesn’t show up in this side of the city

What’s the gun for, officer?

Did the melanin in my skin stop the flowers from growing?

Please excuse me while I blow a kiss to the wind and pray

Annie may be singing about tomorrow – but I’m not sure I’ll still be here

Understand that I’m not the enemy and I want the best for this neighborhood too

Let me explain that I have a degree and I’m talking to the moon at night

There are people that don’t hear what I hear –  don’t see what I see – so I shine a little light

It’s my duty to go around and feed knowledge to the hungry out there because bread isn’t enough

Where is the water to drink ? I’m parched and my soul is looking for rest…

Officer…can you tell me I’m not dying ?

I promise I’m not a menace and all of this dark won’t rub off on you

Could I get you an Easter Lily…..would that make us even………….

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