Watch Me Bleed

First tell yourself it’s a game

Knife is sharp and slowly parts the skin

It’s intentional that you lay on the floor

The wrist will bleed and you will pray with eyes closed

Dream a little dream with a ship sailing the Caribbean

Let him cut another piece of soft flesh from the arm

While he stands over your body with quiet calm

Please don’t scream, but pray for a release

It will all be over soon

Don’t move yet or open your eyes

Whisper Psalms to him

Until the operation is complete

Tell him you will fight for your life

Tell him over and over and over

For the second time, tell yourself it’s a game

Laugh and touch your arm

Keep your eyes closed

Reach out for his Cheshire smile

Let him lean down to your chest

He can still hear your heart beat

Keep praying for the Caribbean and laugh harder

Until he rests his head on your chest and covers the invisible wound on your arm

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