Clear and Concise Writing

Power of Words ….


Writing is about spreading a message to readers. If that message is not clear than the writer has not done their job. Even beyond the role of being a grammarian – a person that writes about and studies grammar – there is a need to want be be understood. Grammar is important, but it is not the only part of clear and concise writing.

It has always frustrated me to read writing where there are just random words strung together. I take writing seriously and some do not. There is something to the adage that everyone can write, but it doesn’t mean everyone is a good writer. I believe that is why those of us who look at writing as a possible career choice get strange looks from people. What actually constitutes a writer when anyone can write? What makes any of us that hope to make some money from our writing special. It is true that anyone can pick up a pen and write some words down and POOF! a sentence. But does that sentence make sense to anyone who can’t look into that writer’s brain?

I am definitely not a mind reader. Therefore, a well-constructed sentence or paragraph is the only way I am going to understand what is being explained to me. The power of words is so important.

Reading books consumed my life as child. Imagination is key and without it I wouldn’t have been able to transport myself to a place called Camazotz from A Wrinkle in Time. Once I finished reading a book I immediately wanted to write something about it. I would do my own book reports without the need of a teacher telling me to do it. I was fascinated by my own ability to have people read my words and think it was creative.



I suppose some of us really do like hearing the sound of our own voice – but through our words. I was a shy girl and I wanted people to HEAR me. How do you do that when you are afraid of people. No one was going to make me stand up at a podium. Public speaking is most people’s number one fear for a reason.

My job is always evolving. There are so many topics I want to tackle in this blog. Yet, this is a writing blog and that is my purpose. The intention is to explain who I am as writer and where I would like to go. I want to have as many people follow me on this journey as possible. It is the reason why I take my time and carefully chose titles and blog posts before I just write just to be writing. No one is interested in reading about my day-to-day life in a blog and I am not interested in writing about it because it is inconsequential.

Yet, I am interested in explaining my writing experiences from the perspective of an unpublished author. I want you all to know I am working on a book. I want to publish it one day. If I intend to do this, I definitely want to know my readers are WITH me and understand my goals. Otherwise what is the point, right?



Words are power.

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  1. Brandon · March 30, 2014

    Yay. You wrote something again. Cool.

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