Societal Puppets

In the grand scheme of things there is a puppet master.  This puppet master has been pulling the strings among blacks since the beginning of their American struggles.  Do not be fooled into thinking he is only male or been doing this solo – NO.  There  has never been just one puppet master at any given time.   They do their  dirty work and implant ideas of following along blindly without repercussions.

Remember: follow along blindly without repercussions.

Let the people do this for 400 years and see what happens.  Is there a change in behavior or intelligence?  By 2014 do the people see clearly with their own eyes or is something else still pulling the strings?  These people do still exist and I call them – societal puppets.

In 2014 many blacks are still in a herd.  A little background about being apart of a herd: they stay close together because there is safety in numbers.  Some call this herd mentality while I call the people involved in this societal puppets.  Societal puppets don’t fit a specific age range.  This has been going on for 400 years so some of these people are 70 and some are 25.

The saddest part is that they are all blind.  They are blind to the world and how the system works – because there is a system at hand.  The issue is that older blacks were conditioned to not question anything.  Please follow along the lines.  Do not speak up.  These are the same people that taught the next generation and now this generation to not do better.  The repercussions from this is that young blacks are failing in school.   Many do not know how to read or write beyond a 2nd grade level.  Studies have already shown that if an 8 year-old in 3rd grade is struggling to keep up with his studies, he won’t catch up and will likely never graduate from high school.

As a writer, I take this seriously.  I write for everyone. I don’t just write for blacks, but at the same time, at the rate we are going there will be no more black writers because there won’t be any graduating from grade school.

I take this all seriously because I hate to see young people fail themselves. In the past we stayed in our little herd because it kept us safe and it made some sense. Yet in the past 2 generations there has been considerable advancements that blacks have not taken advantage of when it comes to education.

A little background from my life to put it all in perspective:

My parents were raised to believe kids were to be seen and not heard.  I am from the South and as far as I know most of the black Southern population were raised the same as my parents.  My grandparents were great people and they did what they had to do to keep their families SAFE.  My grandparents were raised in the time of lynchings and cross-burnings in the yard.  Therefore, I would have never questioned their motives.  You can’t teach your kids to think freely and question authority when you have to worry they may not make it home alive.  My parents had a similar mentality but were a little more lax with us.  We were taught to not question adults.  We were taught to “do as I say, not as I do.”   If you asked why something was the way it was you would get the answer, “because I said so.”  This was how I was raised . You would think it was  still 1965 in my house but it definitely was not.

That was my life in a nutshell.  I”m still young so this societal puppet mentality has existed far longer than me and I’m angry about it.  It is NOT OK to teach your kids to not think, or question things they don’t understand.  I am a Christian.  Yet, I don’t think it is OK to put the fear of God in  any child that has questions about the Bible. They deserve answers!  If you don’t know the answer, then direct them to someone who does.  That is how so many blacks stay where they are mentally.  It isn’t all their fault.  The black community created this and is perpetuating the craziness.  Not enough people have broke away from their strings to tell the truth.  No one has to be a puppet.


Education is so important and kids have to take it upon themselves to learn.  Yet, parents have to encourage this behavior.  I don’t see enough black parents allowing their kids to express themselves unless it involves sports.  I am not against sports at all.  Yet, what about encouraging them to take on more creative outlets (writing, painting, architecture).  If we allowed this we would have even more young black people getting into engineering, teaching, and economics and that is good for all of society.

I’m glad my 9 year-old nephew is so inquisitive.  My brother and his wife encourage this and answer all of his questions.  They don’t dumb down anything for him because of his age.  He gets honest answers instead of “because I said so” and I love that.  I wish my parents were like that with us, but it was a different era.

I just want to put this announcement out there: Parents, Aunts, Uncles, Guardians, Godparents, Grandparents… a real force for the children in your lives.  Allow them to express themselves, ask questions, give them real answers to their issues.  Kids are usually at that really inquisitive stage between 2-8.  Never make their questions seem stupid.  There are no stupid questions.  Don’t make them feel bad because you don’t know how clouds are formed.  How about taking that kid to the library with you and you can learn together that when warm air rises, it expands and cools and that is just the beginning of cloud formation.  That’s the type of education our young people need and deserve.

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