Power In Black & White

Newspapers are becoming fossils. Remember when the editorials were debated over dinner? Mom and Dad fought over who gets to read the front page first. I guess that was a different time.

Now we have 24 hour news stations,social media and TMZ. We have all of that and yet get so little real news. Even magazines are hurting. The niche magazines are disappearing from shelves. Wikipedia is the new librarian and I’m scratching my head.

How did it come to this?

I remember all the power of seeing bold black letters on white paper. I miss those times. I fought against getting an E-reader because I craved the touch of smooth pages in between my fingers. My mom gave me one as a gift and I have used it.

Yet, I worry for the future of print. I am a writer who always dreamed of publishing books. I wanted my books on shelves. I wanted to do the book signings in stores. Who will see my autograph now? **kinda sad**

I never wanted fame on a Stephen King or J.K. Rowling level. I just wanted my friends and family to see that I had accomplished my dream. Plus a little “Yeah….I did it !” to a few folks that may or may not remain nameless.

My dream was always to inform and entertain through my writing. Yet look what I am using (WordPress) to get my words out. Ironic? Not sure.

What I do know is that I will still write to one day publish the stories I always wanted to tell. TMZ has nothing on me! Who else is tired of hearing about celebrities? I believe there is still room to tell good stories about real and fictional people in bold black letters on white paper.

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