Feeling Variations of Blue

Today I’m blue because I can’t yell or scream.  I’m blue in the way that I can’t express myself properly to anyone to where they can truly understand how I feel.  I’m having so many Blue’s Clues moments and I just need my thinking chair.  I bought my handy dandy notebook on Saturday so I am ready to journal in 2014.  I have 3 clues as to why I’m blue:

1)  picture my new computer without a word processing program

2) misplaced flash drive with my short stories on it

3)  copy of fictional story I worked on and completed at the end of 2012 that was never entered into a writing contest

What do you get with that? What does it all mean? It means life got so out of control that I haven’t had time to share my stories with anyone.  How do I break out of being blue? I want to write and actually have something worthwhile to publish this year.  Yet, I don’t know where to begin.  I also had a time determining who my  ‘audience’ is supposed to be? Who I am writing for: women, Christians, people in their 20-30s?  I want to be a voice for all of the above and not just be a niche writer.  Who am I as a writer? Am I trying to do creative nonfiction or fantasy? I am sorting that all out but Steve’s not here to help me like he did Blue. So I guess I need to find my own Steve to break it down for me and tell where to start and how to go from A-Z.

2014 has to be better for my writing.  I would like my writing to become less of a hobby and move into something more substantial.  I would hope I find a dedicated audience who can see what I am trying to achieve here on WordPress.  I encourage all comments.

I leave you with one of my favorite songs that happens to fit my theme for this post….Rhapsody in Blue by George Gershwin!

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