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Writing to be Colorful

Writing to be Colorful

I took too much time off from writing in 2013. I got stuck on a Ferris wheel..but I’m back now. I want to give the best of me in 2014. I want to expand my writing opportunities and possibilities.

A little about me this past year: started a new job working with some interesting people, reconnected with some good friends, had to leave a few people behind on the curb. Sorry….sometimes it has to be that way.

I want to gain MORE of everything in 2014. I want to be hyped up and excited on living a healthy life. I need to read more, drink more water, eat those green veggies, gain more knowledge, pick myself up a little more, and most certainly write in my blog EVERY WEEK and be serious about it.

My blog will take on a new tone in 2014. I may write about different things, but the theme will remain the same. I will have a constant theme for 2014. The theme is: Color-how do you add color to your life/writing? And I will even focus on certain colors. I believe certain colors can have different meanings.¬† For example, green is strength to me…I LOVE that color.

Please join me as I discover myself in my writing life in 2014.

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