You Seem Uncomfortable and Other Quirks….

  1. Curb Your Enthusiasm is one of my favorite shows ever..and Frasier, The Office..
  2. I sort-of-kind-of grew up on Steely Dan (but I was born in the 1980s).
  3. English and History were my favorite subjects in high school.
  4. I think the comedy of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert is brilliant!
  5. I love the Phantom of the Opera!!!
  6. I can watch a cable news network ALL DAY LONG!! ( All of the networks included…MSNBC, Fox, CNN…) Variety is the spice of life, right?

QUICK QUIZ: What race am I based on what you know from above?

Drum roll please…..

Exactly.  Why does it matter? Well, it doesn’t matter. Yet, I come across a lot of issues when my interests don’t match up with my skin color.  That is confusing for people.

No.  I am not making any of this up.  I encounter questions ALL the time about why I am the way I am.  Why do I get weird looks from people because I can talk about how beautiful “Moonlight Sonata” is by Beethoven but can’t tell you about the latest Rihanna song.

I recently met a great guy that is becoming a friend.  We are not of the same race.  We had a great conversation the other day.  We just met, so we are learning about each other at this point.

The first round of questions were the typical about musical tastes, favorite shows and movies, etc.  I finally had to note that it seemed like he made a point to mention all the musicians, TV shows, that had people that were similar to my skin tone.  I was confused.

Why would I be more likely to watch ___________ instead of The Office?

I finally had to make him aware.  I said, “You don’t have to say you like all those people just because they are ________.

He laughed.  He was happy I had a sense of humor and convinced me he really did like those particular musicians and comedians.  I also had to realize I came from a different generation than my parents.  An Asian kid can openly listen to rap music now and no one thinks anything of it. He may not know Yo-Yo Ma (amazing classical musician of Chinese descent) but he knows Kanye West!  I find it funny.

My name isn’t “ethnic” and so some people are curious.   Someone told me when I was a teenager that my name couldn’t be Lisa, because I’m black and that’s not a black girl’s name.

Her:  So your name is not LaQuiesha or something?

Me:  No. It’s not.

Her: What about your middle name? I’m sure your middle name can’t be white too?

Me: It’s just Renee..

Welcome to my life from 12-18!

Moving on to the topic of music.  I like lots of music! I literally grew up listening to every type of musical genre except metal.  I do listen to some metal now. This one guy I was talking to not long ago even asked me, “So country? Are you serious…you really listen to everything including country.”  I just laughed because that was funny to me. “Yes” is the answer.

I watched all types of shows that featured people that looked like me and plenty of those who didn’t.  I was shaped by all of those experiences.  I was hoping that in 2012 certain people had graduated from the idea that all _______  people like this or that.

Please do not assume anything about anyone.

Go forth and have a great day!! 🙂


  1. dragonfly1121 · November 17, 2012

    I agree people are just people. How many generations have we been the melting pot? I guess some people just can’t melt.

  2. Brandon · January 17, 2013

    From Wikipedia: “Riley Freeman is Huey’s trouble-making, eight-year-old younger brother. Unlike his brother, Riley is an enthusiastic follower of contemporary African-American pop culture. Though he is otherwise charming, clever, and artistically gifted, Riley maintains loyalty to those pop culture ideals, even in the face of their self-destructive consequences.” It’s crazy that I may not see more people no matter what color step out of any contemporary pop culture, but that can change. Oh, Steely Dan is the stuff.

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