Creative Writing

My Dreaming…

I was dreaming and someone approached me with a small, white board filled with what looked like scribbling.  I attempted to ask the person what the scribbles meant, but all he did was point without looking back at me.  I pointed at the scribbling as well and asked again and again for him to explain it to me.  Then he pushed me to the ground and disappeared. I picked up the board and shapes started to form out of the scribbling.  The signs for peace and love appeared and I was in awe.  Peace and love.  Peace and love.  I whispered those words to myself as I hugged the board.  Tears fell down my face and I felt grateful for all life’s goodness.  When I stood up again, I felt light-headed but maintained my smile.

I woke up out of my slumber wondering who the mystery man was in my dream.  Was he my future mate?  Was he a friend I didn’t recognize?  Or just a figure sent to me to remind me to be grateful for all I have.  This was a dream I had several nights ago and it plays constantly when I close my eyes even for several minutes.  Peace for myself.  Peace for the world.  Love for myself.  Love for others.

My dreams are so vivid and I scare easily.  My “dreams” are usually 60% fun fantasy and 40% nightmare.  I was waiting for this turn into something else last night.  I had the exact same dream again, but this time when I was pushed I fell down a black hole.  Was I Alice from Wonderland?  Was my mystery man really a rabbit in human form?  There was no Cheshire cat that I recall.  I just screamed and screamed as I fell further down into the abyss.  I never felt myself land.  But I woke up again wondering if I would know the truth one day.

I even forced myself to sleep again so I could finish my dream and find out once and for all about this mystery man.  He did appear again and he was angry at me.  He was really angry.  He seemed to shout even though his words were inaudible.  He split the board into two with his knee instead of showing me the scribbling.  He dragged me off to a corner and “shouted” more and I covered my ears  though no words came out of his mouth.  I know it was an odd reaction.  Then I pushed him to the ground.  I told him I demanded to know his true identity.  His mouth stopped moving and he shifted around on the floor.  I began to kneel down and he grabbed my arm.  I tried to push him away, but he was so much stronger.  My body tensed up and I closed my eyes.  When I finally opened them, I saw my reflection.  At that moment in the dream, I passed out.  But in my real life, I woke up.  Or did I?

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